Building over stormwater?

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Building over stormwater?

Post by Jaffasoft » Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:01 pm


I'm doing a research feasibility on possible sites as an investor to apply a subdivision strategy. Not own the block or anything yet!

Can you build over a 1080 stormwater pipe going straight across the middle of two lots?

Obviously you can because there is an old house from back in the day already built over the pipe and covering the two titles, but if it's pushed over and two new titles made what might be any complications and what might be involved to prepare foundations for potential new dwellings to be built?

809 square meters, widow block in Wynnum, Brisbane. Standing on the street there is a man hole located about 20 meters in from the street on the far left hand side boundary. The stormwater pipe comes in across the two lots from about 15 meters in on the far right hand side lot, on about a 15 degrees angle across the two lots (still looking from the street) across to the manhole.

The two new slabs would have to be built over the pipe if done at all. Any insight or major problems it might incur or and will council allow it? Is this a common and fairly straight forward subdivision? What cost here roughly might I factor into a feasibility?


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