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Your experience with waffle slabs - good and bad
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Purpose of this Forum

Post by admin » Sun May 17, 2015 11:53 am

At Cornell Engineers we get asked lots of questions about houses including:
- slab heave
- foundation movement
- crack sin walls
- wall removals
- house raise and build in under

Most of the people asking these questions are in the early stages of planning and want to know how to proceed. Are they ready for an engineer's inspection? Do they engage an architect first? Do they have to get their own soil test?

Use this forum to ask your questions. Someone else might be wondering the same thing! As our membership grows, more people will be available to answer the questions and shed some fresh light on the subject.

So please feel free to ask a question - even if you think it's a silly quesitons or you don't even know if an engineer is the right person to ask.

There is no such thing as a silly question: so ask away!!!

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